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*Manual Registration Required for Private Lessons

*8 Week Fall Sessions begin October 15th

We offer classes in the following arts:


Students are taught the basics and fundamentals of ballet. The students develop poise, self-confidence and discipline through this graceful art form, while also improving their classical technique and musicality. 


Jazz is a technically founded program, helping students achieve placement, strength, flexibility and technique. This is met through a centre floor warm-up followed by combinations and dance choreography which further stretch and challenge both the mind and body.


Building upon both ballet and jazz technique, lyrical is a very popular form of dance and can be strong and graceful. It is commonly used as a way of story telling through dance.

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Vocal training is beneficial for all ages - bringing understanding of how the vocal cords work, how to control them, and how to bring out the best in any voice.


Instrumental music instruction is an excellent way to encourage personal development in so many ways - musical skill, hand-eye coordination, daily discipline habits, goal setting and achievement, performance, and stage confidence. The biggest benefit? Discovering the joy of making music!
Private lesson are available in piano, drums, guitar, and vocals.

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This program focuses on combining vocals, acting and dance in a creative and fun environment. Through each lesson, students build confidence and skill in these areas and complete the program by performing a full length musical on stage! Important life lessons related to our production are integrated into each lesson, helping our students learn, reflect and grow together. Visit our Musical Theatre page for more information!