This class is for everyone 18-118 who has a love for ballet. Whether you have danced your whole life or never taken a ballet class before, this class is for you! 

In these 8 weeks you will be inspired at your level in a fun and encouraging dance environment. You will increase your flexibility, explore musicality and improve your posture and core strength. This class is more than just learning proper technique it is an opportunity to be part of one of the most breathtaking art forms ever expressed. 

Dress code is modest, comfortable, danceable clothing. 



This class is for women and teens who desire to worship God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength! The bible tells us to praise the Lord with dancing and is full of examples of His people bowing, leaping, dancing, and creating as worship to Him. 

In this class we will explore our creativity, learn new dance moves, and worship Jesus with everything we've got! 

No previous dance experience is required. 

Dress code is modest, comfortable, danceable clothing. 



Calling all teens! During this 8 week session we will be painting 5 different projects where students will learn the basics of colour theory, composition, value, shading and form. We will also be using and preparing a variety of surfaces and finishing techniques. A few projects include an art bag, landscape and animal painting.
Colour your way into this fall season learning new techniques and meeting new friends!

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Join Miss Remiah on Tuesday mornings for Primary Intro to Dance and Junior Ballet & Jazz! These exciting classes will be built on the foundation of Christian music and teaching. 

Both classes welcome beginner and advanced students. 

Please refer to the 'Programs' page for Dance Dress Code.